Trusted Partners

Over the years, I have met many dedicated, true business professionals from all walks of life. Some of them provide services directly related to Home Improvement and Remodeling and some are not.

I would like share a few companies with you, because no matter what business they are in and what services they provide, you can expect a “first class” treatment from experienced, knowledgeable and caring professionals.

Home Inspections

Glenford Blanc, home inspector and owner Pro-Spex Home Inspections.

Replacement Doors and Windows, Insulation

George Economides, Senior Design Consultant, Wheaton Door and Window Company, (301) 442-7433

Home Appraisers

Steven Rochkind, home appraiser and owner of Area Appraisal Services.

Solar Hot Water

Mark Bartlett, owner of AtisSun Solar Hot Water.

Landscape Design and Maintenance

Christy Briant Bumanis, landscape designer and owner of Jardin, LLC.

House Cleaning Potomac Maryland

Professional house cleaning services in Maryland is provided by Spotless Clean Maid Service

Interior Decorator, Window Treatments

Debbie Priovolos, window treatments, owner of Deborah’s Windows and More.

Home Theaters, Home Entertainment, Home Automation

Arin Akopian, home theaters, computer maintenance etc.

Website Design and Maintenance

Judith Palfrey, web sites design and maintenance, SEO.

Plumbing, Heating, HVAC systems, Emergency Generators

Ralph Smith, plumbing, heating, HVAC systems, emergency generators.

Painting, Siding, Gutters

John Rabner, owner of First Choice Painting.

Real Estate Settlements

Diane Rosenberg ,  Rosenberg & Associates, LLC.


Steven Spurlock, Architect, Wnuk Spurlock Architecture.

Marketing, Content Writing

Gina Palladino, owner, Silver Tree Consulting.


Carl Franceski, Llewellyn Realtors

(301) 424-0900 x 182

Eco-Friendly Realtor

Leslie Weightman, broker, ECOFirst Realty | Your source for everything home improvement focused.

From finding service providers to learning about building materials,

Elder Care Matters

“America’s online source for elder care experts plus articles, interviews, and information about a wide range of elder care matters.”

Pay Per Click and Text Advertising

Roberta Biese, RWS Consulting Corp.

Please call or email us, we would love to be of service to you:


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  1. Looks great Alex!

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