The Home Asset Management Plan

The Home Asset Management Plan (HAMP) is a new and unique program that takes a comprehensive view of a customer’s home and property from the top down. HAMP is designed to be a full service program that meets the total needs and desires of a unique segment of the market. The cornerstone of the program is the strong relationship of total trust and confidence our company has earned through past work. The goal of the program is to provide the client with a reliable and trustworthy “partner” or “advisor” for maintaining and enhancing the value of their home, assisting the client in creating a personal vision for their property.

The plan “binds” these three basic components:

  • Maintenance – Routine inspections and service focusing on such items as HVAC, lawn maintenance, sprinkler systems, alarm systems, filter changing, energy cost reduction, etc
  • Repairs – Small non-recurring maintenance projects such as replacing a window, repairing a door, etc.
  • Remodeling and building new structures – This will include full service remodeling of kitchens and baths, room additions, home offices, major renovations, etc., as well as building a guest house, adding a garage, perhaps constructing a vacation home, creating a pool house, adding an outside entertainment area, and other such projects

The plan will contain a list of projects with project schedule and estimated costs that will become the action plan for the next twelve months as well as the planning document for future projects within the next 3 to 5 years. The plan will grow and change over time. It is intended to invite an ongoing interactive dialogue with the client.

1. What are we offering?

  • Trusted advisor in joint collaboration with client to take care of all the facility needs and desires of the client
  • Full-service program for client’s property
  • Comprehensive plan helping client manifest their vision of home
  • Home Asset Management Book – attractive compendium of work and longer-term plan
  • Home inventory

2. Why are we offering the Home Asset Management Plan?

  • Client benefits

o   Provide on-going reliable and efficient care of their valuable asset, their home and grounds

o   Encourage client’s realization of their home as a reflection of themselves

o   Encourage longer-range planning which can minimize the emotional and financial impact on client

o   Relieve client of burden of home care

o   Provide a trustworthy partner or advisor for maintaining and enhancing the value of their home

o   Provide the assistance they need to create a vision of possibilities

o   Create a documented annual plan to preserve and enhance their home

o   Just like a family doctor, you become the family contractor

o    We become a “single source” home advisor

3. When is the Home Asset Management Plan advantageous?

  • Now:Handle immediate needs to bring property up to a manageable level
    • On-going: Handle recurring service needs, provide periodic property assessments and an updated annual plan
    • Future: Provide up to three to five year project timeline, to be reviewed and updated annually

4. How do we deliver the Home Asset Managment Plan?

  • By meeting with the client(s) to listen and respond to what they want and need regarding their property.
  • By creating a multi-year plan, including short- and long-term projects, that capture the client’s vision, and then executing the plan.
  • By providing responsive service and giving the clients a high priority in attending to their building care needs.
  • By assigning a HAMP manager to each client, removing the client’s need to know which person in the company to call for what.
  • Proactively define short- and long-term projects to meet client’s needs and wants.
  • With ongoing client contact instead of waiting for them to call.
  • By bundling tasks for efficiency, profitability, and convenience.

5. Where do we deliver the Home Asset Management Plan?

  • In the comfort of our clients’ homes
  • Into the fabric of our company, i.e., where each company member is keeping an eye open to potential new clients and to serving existing clients even better.

Please call or email us, we would love to be of service to you:



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