Interior Decor in the New Year: How To Start Fresh

Interior Decor in the New Year: How To Start FreshInterior Decor in the New Year: How To Start Fresh

Well, 2012 is finally here, and we’re ready to give our home decor a facelift. Here are some easy ways to change the look of your home and start fresh, helping you keep your new year’s resolutions and make 2012 a great year:

1. Integrate Color

The easiest way to drastically change the look of a room? Pick up a paintbrush and get to it. There are plenty of changes expected for the interior design world in 2012, including a shift from a dull color palette to vibrancy and show. If your new year’s resolution is to be more optimistic, it couldn’t hurt to integrate bright colors into your home. Bright colors are especially wonderful in bathrooms or around bathroom vanities. Don’t be scared to experiment with bold yellow, raspberry, and coral tones. Paint isn’t permanent–if you don’t like it, just change it.

2. Out With the Old

If you want to start fresh, some spring-cleaning might be in order. Go through your house plan and get rid of all your old junk, from unused or chipped coffee mugs to paintings and prints you just don’t like anymore. Many homes cram their houses with stuff they don’t need or superfluous furniture. A clean and clear home is much more relaxing and tranquil. If your new year’s resolution is to minimize your stress, this could be the perfect solution.

3. Execute the “Maybe’s”

We all say, “Maybe I’ll clear out that room and make a little gym” or “Maybe I’ll clean the garage.” Stop stalling and take action! If your new year’s resolution is to lose 5 pounds, make the gym you’ve always wanted in the garage, bringing in rowing machines, Pilates machines, free weights, kettle bells, and an old TV to play work out videos.

Who knows? Simply changing your interior decor up may help you keep those New Year’s resolutions.

Lisa is a writer on the subjects of storage, eco-friendly living, and interior design for both Boston and Austin homes for sale.

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