Residential Electricity Prices Are Lower

May 22, 2012 By 1 Comment

From Pennsylvania and Delaware, to Washington, DC and Maryland, residential electricity account holders are making the switch to lower cost electricity and saving sometimes thousands of dollars over the current supply cost of the local utility. The process is easy with Electric Advisors from start to finish, in most cases all you need in your hand is a copy of your electric bill, unless you are the rare individual who remembers the account number! Click  to see the current residential rates.

From one of our clients in Annapolis, MD “my cost dropped 20%, why didn’t I do this sooner!” to West Chester, PA “Like you said, I grabbed my bill and I was done with the process in less than three minutes” to a beach rental on the Delaware coast “This makes profitability on my rentals a bit easier to obtain”.

So if you live in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Bethany, Friendship Heights, Columbia, Ocean City, Adams Morgan, Bethesda, or anywhere in between, start saving today and tell a friend how easy it was to put money back in your pocket.

3 responses to “Residential Electricity Prices Are Lower

  1. Not for me, I’ve seen it skyrocket this year. Especially summer.

  2. Here in our village in IL, we are lucky. The village decided to switch the entire town from Com Ed, to a cheaper carrier. Our use bill should drop 40% starting in July.

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